Below are the questions given by my English lecturer as our blogging title:

What is it that make it so hard to talk to each other? How to break down an emotional war?

Everything living things on this Earth talk and communicate. All of them have their very own language, which does not always is understandable by the other species. For example, scientists have been studying the echoes used by whales to communicate. But, after so many years of studying, what we have achieved is predict the frequency and wave length of their echoes but not fully master their language. While trying to explore other species' language, we, human being seems to have forgotten our own communication problemn - It's getting harder and harder for us to talk and communicate. What had happened to our communication skills?

In most people's perception towars the international language English, which is also know as the 21st lingua franca, they think that it is a universal language. However, they should be aware that there are also numerous barriers to achieve the level of acquaring this 'universal language'. One of the biggest challege is cultural differences. Our Earth community is made up of myriad races, ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Malay to Eurasian. Among the races, they have their own dialects, and this makes the whole language barrier even more complicate. Due to this complication, it is not be easy for a person to pick up a new language.

Second, the advancement in technology also contributes to the deteriorating communication skills among the young generations. With the presence of all the high technology gadgets, people spend less time together. Although there is a possibility of fostering a realtionship, advancement in communication technology also indirectly errodes the ability of a person to express himself , when he met another person face to face. At the same time, the sign of being autistic can be seen clearly on the young generations. They may be the active and bubbly ones on the MSN, Skype or Yahoo Messenger, but when they start to approach the real world, they often found themselves being caught in the dilema of 'talking'. Cold sweats will start to from in their palms and their mind would be preoccupied in the action of searching conversation topics. If the situation was let to worsen on its own, they will isolate themselves from the others and locked themselves in room. The only thing that will interest them is the one and only 'World of Internet', a place where they 'talk' in the digital way.

Instead of focusing on a specific generation, I would like to enlarge my next point in a more general view - gender. As the saying goes, 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus', people always discriminate the opposite sex if they were given the choice whether they want to talk to the same sex or opposite ones. People from the opposite sex would normally think it will be hard to talk to each other. The only things that are universal in their mind is - further conversations will only bring embarrassment and clashes in opinions. All these will bring nothing but act as the catalyst in broadenning the gap between both sex.

In addition, age does play an important role in deciding whether a conversation will work out or not, when both the person comunicating share the same characteristics. Age can create a sense of acceptance and at the same time, it can provoke a feel of disgusment. When people from different age stages converse, they may face the problemn of fully understand the topic throwned out by the opposite side. For example, if a teenagers who are having a hormone surge was asked to talk with an old hag, it will either end with one side dozing off or another suffering a high blood pressure. In the movie, Mr. Shi also find it hard to communicate to his daughter, Yilan due to the gap in their age.

Inspite all these barriers which will cause a further deterioration in human communication skills and ended up in an emotional war, what we can do is have a heart of thousand wills. We must never afraid of rejection. Although it is sure for it to be hard when you try to solve it, the results will prove that it is worth it if consistancy was shown. Besides, time is always the best resolution for an emotional war. While settling apart, it gives each other sufficient time to reconsider about the relationship. Subsequently, both sides will discover the root of the problem, if they were willing to try and tolerate. It is important to believe that everything can be solved, and listen to the others while lending your ears at the same time.

Every night that is empty and quite , two little shadows will be seen laying on the floor beside the wall in a market. If you have ears that are as sensitive as the one owned by my lecturer, then you will be able to hear some whispering of words or.... maybe sentences. The whispering sound is so soft until you can feel the air around you is suffocating you, if you are too focused in hearing the conversation.
Nights are cold and two stray cats were chatting to each others. One of the its name is 'Meuw-Meuw', while another is 'Mee-Mee'. As usual, they would chat about their recent life and the lives in the market would always be their topic. They would asked each others questions like

'How many fish each of them got in the morning?', 'Did any of them get bullied by the other stray cats?', 'How's the fishmonger's mood recently?', 'Are the fish fresh?', 'What's the best time to snatch fish from any of the market visitors?', 'What technique can be used to prevent themselves from being discovered?', 'How to 'meow' properly in order to attract people's attention?' and the list goes on.......
One night, Meuw-Meuw asked Mee-Mee a question in a slight tone of hesitation.

"Can I ask you a question? Meow~" (Don't laugh!)
"What's the matter? Is it about the mackerel or sardine?"
"Erm... it's about a line"
"Are you asking me the best fishing line to be used? I'm not clear with that, perhaps you can ask Meowy. He's more experienced in it."
''No... ... it's not that kind of line. It's the abstract kind of line."
"A line that is abstract? Did you take any Chivas just now?"
Meuw-Meuw seemed to be a little bit frustrated.
"It's not kind of line!! STUPID FUR-BALL!It's the line of relationship!"
They stayed in a motionless state for the next 20 seconds and Mee-Mee's expression was showing that it was stunned by Meuw-Meuw's respond.
"Sorry...erm.....I know I'm a bit over-reacted."
"... ... What line are you refering to just now?"
"Let's imagine...In the fairy world of a Tom and a Queen, there is an existance of a line between friendship and boy-girl-relationship(a.k.a. BGR). It is an extremely thin line, laying between that 2 types of relationship. In the past, there are numerous obstacles being placed on the line and all the possible access to boy-girl-relationship side were blocked."
(Meuw-Meuw clearing its throat)"hmm..hmmm"
"But, now.......Both Tom and Queen are gorwn-up, strong and there is no more obstacles nor any impediment that may stop them from accessing to the BGR side. What is more important is that Tom and Queen know each others very well. If you were Tom,will you cross it?"

For a cat who don't really like to use its brain in normal daily life, Mee-Mee hesitated for some time before it gave Meuw-Meuw it's reply.
"It depends on my intentions and the current situation. If there is an intention to further their relationship, then I would cross it. But, this will only happen if it is allowed by the situation."
"What should Tom do if there is a potential intruder? I mean another 'Tom' who's trying to approach Queen."
"It's the same. If Tom do not intend to further their relationship, then the new 'Tom' is nothing to their relationship. He will just like a part of Queen's life that Tom can never interfere."
"Well... ... I got it."
"What did you say just now?"
Sound of trucks carrying tonnes of fish, heading towards the market could be heard.....

"Diam sikit boleh tak?" Write out your words!